Why Use Gels?

Energy Gels & Exercise

Hüma energy gels are specifically designed to help you get through tough exercise. How? Let’s take a look at the science!

Your Body as a Power Plant

When your muscles need energy, the first source they go to is the glucose in your bloodstream. Glucose enters your bloodstream in one of two ways: by being digested from food, or from your body’s glycogen stores (stored excess glucose). When you’re sitting around after a meal, your blood glucose level is more than adequate to take care of your physical exertion. When you’re exercising, however, it’s not.

In order to keep your muscles operating at their best during exercise, your body dumps glucose into them. Most people have enough glycogen stores to sustain them for about 60-90 minutes. Once the glycogen stores are gone, your body is forced to turn to fat as an energy source. The problem with using fat as an energy source is that it’s not a quick source of energy, so your body will be unable to sustain high levels of exertion (>60% VO2 Max). This is called “hitting the Wall.”

For anyone trying to complete some difficult exercise, this is not a problem you want to face.

Energy Gels to the Rescue

Hüma energy gels are one of the best ways around this problem. By consuming Hüma’s special carbohydrate blend before and during exercise, you supply your body with extra glucose through digestion. This allows your glycogen stores to last longer.

While there are many potential sources of carbohydrates, Hüma energy gels are a great balance between having a lot of liquid sloshing around in your stomach and eating solid food which can take too long to digest effectively.

Hüma energy gels pack a strategic carbohydrate punch of 100 calories/21g carbohydrates per pouch since the average person can digest 100-150 calories per 1/2 hour. On top of that, Hüma energy gels specifically use carbohydrates known to efficiently convert into glucose.

So whether you’re playing sports with friends or 3 hours into a triathlon, Hüma is a great-tasting, all-natural way to get the energy you need!

When To Use?

Anyone planning on exercising can benefit from eating a Hüma energy gel. While everyone is different, here is a general guideline for use until you figure out what works for you:

  • Less than 2 hours of exercise: eat one gel 30-45 minutes before exercise, and then one 45-60 minutes into exercise.
  • More than 2 hours of exercise: eat one gel 15 minutes before exercise. Eat another gel 45-60 minutes into exercise. After that, eat an additional gel every 30-45 minutes of exercise.

Remember: WATER!!

Always drink water when you eat a Hüma energy gel! Your body can’t process the gel effectively without it. Our recommendation is 8-10oz of water per gel.