Lava Magazine Logo “Every preconceived notion about energy gel I’d had was thrown out the window”

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swim bike mom photo-1 “I have found my new favorite gel product. [Insert cheers here!]”

Swim Bike Mom

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John Brower Rock Creek “I even got my wife’s approval on her runs…and she hates gels!”

John Brower, Ultramarathoner

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EvelinRuns Huma “I’ve been looking for something like this for months and now, finally, I can stop my search.”

Evelin Runs

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Noshing Huma “I was beyond excited with what I found: I could pronounce every. single. ingredient.”

Noshing On Asphalt

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Larisa Dixon zerototwentysixpointtwo Huma review 1232013 “I FINALLY found an energy gel that I could stomach and not throw up mid run. YAY”

Larisa Dixon

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  • “Before Huma, the biggest struggle I had during my Ironman and half Ironman events was getting nutrition down. When my body is under that level of stress, I have zero appetite and it becomes a struggle to take in enough nutrition for the amount of energy I am expending. I had tried so many different gels and everything tasted nauseating when I was racing. The first Huma Gel I tasted was the Apples & Cinnamon. After that, I didn’t look back. Now, I look forward to having these gels on all of my training rides, runs, and out there on the race course. I also really like that these gels contain healthy protein and fat. In longer endurance events, small amounts of fats and proteins keep my stomach from growling without disrupting my digestive system. When I’m out on the course for 10+ hours, I need more than just carbs to keep me going! I have also felt the anti-inflammatory effects of the omega-3’s in the Huma gels in my post-race recovery. This stuff is the best.”

By: Caitlin Alexander (NY,NY) 

  • Hüma Chia Energy Gel is the only fuel I use during my long training sessions and races. One taste and I gave all my Gu and Hammer Gel and Shot Blocks away. Absolutely love the lemonade, mango, and apples and cinnamon! The best part is that these all taste like real fruit, not like some oozing goop with “flavor.” Huma Gel carried me through Ironman 70.3 Muncie in July, the USA Triathlon Age-Group Nationals in August, and both the Running Fit – Run Woodstock! and Detroit Women’s Half Marathon in September… and will once again be fueling me at the Detroit Free Press Marathon this month!”

-By: Ana Hotaling (Chelsea, Michigan)


Live Free and Run: “Thanks Huma Gel for sending me to Boston next year!”

Cross My Heart Fitness: “I am behind Huma 100%”

The Hippie Triathlete:This stuff was … good!

Marathon Mom:My first thought, “I want more, I could eat this for a snack!“”

Trading Heels:I like them so much I ordered a sample pack for a friend.

The Rushing Herd: Talk about delicious!  I could eat those things all day long.

Girls Got Sole:I’m already planning on ordering some more

Lil Runner: “It tastes like APPLE PIE. Mmmmm.

Road Runner Girl: I tried the Apples & Cinnamon. Oh my goodness this one was my favorite!

Sneakers and Fingerpaints: Verdict: I dig em!”

Jill Conyers:I will be using Huma Chia Energy Gels to train and run 50 miles.

From Fran To Flash:I would recommend it to anyone

Silk And Tofu: Pure happiness.

Live Free and Run: “I have discovered a new gel that I now use to fuel my running”

Blissful BritI would eat it with my oatmeal or toast before a run

From Icecream To Marathon: you might think with all the healthy stuff, they might not taste very good…but they do!

The Unexpected Runner: I highly recommend trying Huma!”

This Moms Gotta Run: “I’m sold because it didn’t tear me up and made my tummy/gut/stomach feel better”

runkdubrun: “I ate it. YUM!”