Nutrition Info

Hüma is an all-natural sports energy gel made with 100% natural ingredients and real food. The ingredient list does not require a nutritional encyclopedia to read and is small compared to other gels. Using chia seeds, fruit puree, brown rice syrup, sea salt, filtered water and coconut water, we have created a Vegan and Gluten Free gel people have come to love, appreciate and feel confident putting into their bodies. See below for the small list of ingredients that each one of our ten great flavors has! 
Check out the ingredients for yourself!
H+-StrawLem-ProdShot-+-NF H+ PomBerry ProdShot + NF
Strawberries NF
 AppCinn NF
Mango NF
Blueberries NF
Raspberries NF
Lemonade NF
Chocolate NF
Mocha NF